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Welcome San Antonio! Our Goal is to make this an Easy Transition and as easy of a phone call to have! Even as Plumber's we know how much it isn't pleasant to have to reach out to us. That is why we are honored to take your call and help you out of your problem. 

The Best Plumbing Company in San Antonio, Texas. Providing the best Plumbing Emergencies Service in all of SA!


Bob's Plumbing Providing All the Best Emergency Services

Who Hates Plumbing Issues and Loves when the Plumber Shows Up to Fix the Water Heater?  

Hello San Antonio! We are happy that you found our site but sad at the same time for you. We know if you had to find our site something has gone wrong and you are in the need of a Plumber. You might even be in the need of an Emergency Plumber. Again happy you found us but sad that you are having issues. On a good note you might have found us because you are doing some remodeling and need a plumber.

We hope it is for the latter of it but know that most are not. The best news is you have come to us and our goal is to help you with your issues and get you back up and running with the least amount of cost possible. I know you say that all business say that but it is not true. In this case it is true and after you work with us you will see that we didn’t lie.

We have been in the plumbing business for many years and we are skilled at what we do. We can determine the issue and resolve it as quick as possible. We know that it really can suck when you are in need of a plumber. Say the toilet is clogged and water that is horrible is coming up out of the toilet all over your bathroom. That is not pleasant at all. 

You shower could have an issue and it not draining. This is having you take a shower in a pool of dirty run off water that is slowly building up to where it is taking over your shower or bathtub. Again this is not cool. Other issues could be if a pipe in the wall of your house breaks and now water is leaking in your house behind walls ruining everything it comes in contact.

That water could cause black mold to appear and then you have to have mold removal and the cost that come from that. Like we said it is not fun to have to look up a plumber. Now here is where it could really suck. You might live in a house that had bad PVC pipes installed in your house to run all the plumbing and the tubes be on the verge of busting or busted already and you need your whole house re-plumbed. 

The list goes on as of what you could be calling us on. It could very well be that your garbage disposal is acting up and you need a new one installed. You could need tubing and piping for a water softener or a reverse osmosis system installed under your sink for purified water to drink. Just an FYI if you go down this route you will want to have a salt less water softener put in and on the RO system a re-mineralizer on it after the water is RO’d.

Those last parts are good practices and something that we educate our clients on if you are interested.  If your house is on well water you will need some special need to knows told to you. This water is high in mineral content and will accumulate over time and could back up your pipes from the inside out. It could make your appliances die out before the intended time of them. There are options that you can implement that are good practices that will assist you in all of this.

We will also inform you of them if you tell us your source water is well water. We have talked about the water softeners and RO systems and the good news is we also can sell these and do the repairs. As a family we have the inside connections and get your house ready for all of this so that when the equipment comes you are good to go for install.

We mentioned about the water breaking down your appliances and one of them is the water heater and that can be a financial mess to have to deal with. On these water heaters you want to make sure your pipes are good to go so that your water heater does not explode and damage your house. That stated we service water heaters both Commercial and Residential. We will also do replacements as needed.

The good news is if it comes to replacing a water heater you will get all the cost savings of the new ones compared to your old one. Technology has come a long way and what is being sold is good stuff. Remember we are hear for you and you can ask us any questions you might have and we will do our best to answer you as best as possible.

One of the other areas that is a yucky job in our line is if there are sewer issues and repairs need o be done or trouble shoot. You could have issues that you are in charge of if the water pipes fro the city to your housebreak and flood your yard. This could come with the cost of a digging crew to follow the line and find the break to stop it. The good news is you can turn the water off from the city to your house and get the water to shut off that way while we come to fix the issue.

Something that has not been mentioned is the water pressure that is running the house or building. If there is a problem with the pressure you will have to get that fixed. See there is constant pressure of water coming form the city and that means your house and its pipes always have pressure running through them. If a leak starts it could go to a burst fast if you have a lot of pressure running through your pipes.

This needs to be addressed and put to a more manageable level so that your house is not under constant stress from the water pressure in the pipes. Here is another tib bit of good knowledge to know. The seasons play their tool on the pipes. It is taught to us that water expands when it freezes right? Well then what happens to the PVC pipes when that trying to freeze water is running through them? That is right expand. This could be an issue if you have bad piping in your house.

The pipes may not be able to take that expansion and normalcy for that many changes in seasons. There are rumors that if the temperature goes below freezing you should let the water run to avoid this. Well let us explain this like this. There is constant pressure at all times from the city forcing water to your house or building. It is moving in this process. It might not be coming out in front of your eyes to see it move but it is moving.      

San Antonio does not suffer with this issue as often as you might think. Keep it simple and do not worry so much. Let us just see what your issue is and allow us the ability to solve it and get you going back on the right path.

Need a Bathroom Remodeling or Leak Detection Followed by Drain cleaning and Shower Repair? 



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